15 Mistakes You Must Avoid!

You’ve been feeding your dog every day for years and you think you’re fine. In reality, you are very likely to make mistakes! Indeed, the majority of dog owners adopt bad behavior without even realizing it. Unfortunately, this can be harmful to your dog’s health in the long run. To make up for it, here are the 15 most common dog feeding mistakes.

1. Don’t add treats to your daily ration

When you reward your dog with treats, it is imperative to take this into account in his daily food ration. Otherwise your dog can obese.

2. Only feed it with meat

The dog is not only carnivorous, it is also omnivore, just like us. So he has to eat something meat, which is of course the basis of his diet, but not only. He really needs to eat every day vegetables, sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber, carbohydrates, energy sources, andvegetable oil, to prevent omega 3 and omega 6 deficiencies.

3. Poor food storage

The dog can also get sick from food that has been oxidized in contact with air. It is therefore important to always keep your dog’s kibble, as well as the rest of the food, in clean bags or containers and hermetically sealed.

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4. Have your food in the open air

if, na 3 hoursIf your dog hasn’t eaten his meal, this is a likely sign that he won’t touch it. Many make the mistake of leaving their pet’s food in the bowl for several hours, or even during the night.

In reality it can be dangerous for the dog since insects or other small animals may become interested in its food, but also because food expires when left out in the open for too long. It is therefore better to throw the meal in the trash or keep it in the fridge.

5. Change Your Diet Every Day

Your dog looks like an animal digestive vulnerable. It is for this reason that it is recommended that when changing the kibble, transition for a minimum of 10 days. By gradually adding the new kibble (or food) to your dog’s usual food, he can absorb them better.

Otherwise it may cause this digestive disorders more or less violent (vomiting, diarrhoea). So you will have understood, it is absolutely necessary avoid changing the diet your dog every day or even every month because it takes time for his body to get used to it.

6. Don’t wash your bowls

Whether it’s his food bowl or are bowl of water, it is necessary to wash them every day. Want to eat off your plate the night before? If you don’t wash your dog’s food bowl regularly, bacteria can develop there. Your dog may then become ill…

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7. Don’t look at expiration dates

Yes, dog food and dog food also have an expiration date! She is always written on a corner of the package and it is better to respect it or else your dog may get hurt quickly.

8. Give him the leftovers

While your dog may very well convince you to let him lick the end of your plate or the food you no longer want, know that it’s bad. harmful for him.

Apart from the fact that it prompts him to bad behaviour when you sit at the table, most foods intended for humans are harmful to dogs. This is especially the case with chicken bones or sweet foods. So if he eats leftovers too often, your dog can develop health issues.

9. Don’t schedule meals at a fixed time

The dog is an animal that likes to have its small habits. The routine reassures him and the frame. It is therefore strongly recommended to feed your dog at a fixed time every day and change these times as little as possible.

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Also think about split meals to ease digestion! Therefore, instead of once a day, opt for two or three meals spread throughout the day (for example, morning, afternoon and evening).

10. Feed him raw meat or fish

Even if your dog loves them, it’s always best to cook their meat or fish before feeding them. Indeed, raw meat or fish often contains parasites which then get stuck in the intestinal wall of your animal and can even lead to death.

11. Buy Cheap Brands

Even if it’s tempting to turn to premium brands supermarket if you are on a tight budget it can be harmful to your dog’s health. Indeed, his good health depends mainly on a quality food. It is therefore better to turn to more expensive brands, but which have it all nutrients he needs.

12. Don’t feed him appropriate food

Your dog’s diet mainly depends on his age, weight, health condition and whether he has been spayed or not. So you have to pick one suitable food to your dog. For example, an older dog should not eat puppy food and vice versa. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian.

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13. Feed him at the same time as you

At home, your dog must be subjected to a certain hierarchy. He must understand that you are the pack leader and that he must obey you. If your dog is naturally dominant, this is all the more important always feed it before or after your meal. Indeed, if he were eating at the same time as you, he might believe you are on the same level and then try to assert his dominance.

14. Feed him as soon as he asks you to

It sounds obvious, but just because your dog barks or paws at you and looks horribly cute doesn’t mean you should feed him. If you give him a kibble every time he asks you, your dog will eventually spend his time claiming. And believe us, it can really become unlivable…

15. Feed him before you run

This is the mistake you shouldn’t make! If you plan to take your dog for a walk, even for a short walk, don’t feed it right before you leave. give him his meal at least 2 hours before leaving for a walk and 1 hour after returning home.

The reason ? If he were to make a physical effort, however small, with the full stomach, he would risk twisting his stomach. It means that his stomach can turn itself and lead to his death. It is also for this reason that it is recommended to give your dog’s daily ration several times during the day.

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