2022 business trends

Despite the optimistic state statistics in Russia, a small but steady increase in wages, the emerging trend towards lower prices and a general improvement in living standards are not actually happening. And reality with common sense inexorably dictate the obvious. Namely: the effective demand of the population in the country, despite any statements, is regularly reduced.

Also, one does not need to be an expert to ascertain the deterioration of the conditions for doing business (and mainly small business) under the growing administrative pressure of various inspection bodies. As a result, the market does not expect any positive developments, and its invisible hand naturally systematically forces out of circulation those activities that are oriented towards more elastic demand.

Gradually, it becomes noticeable that even in large cities (except Moscow), only those business ideas are being implemented that are focused on meeting the most pressing needs (food, medicine, hairdressing). In this regard, it seems interesting to talk in more detail about the main trends of 2022 in business. Let’s make our own TOP of entrepreneurial “target functions”.

The trend towards minimizing initial investment

A pleasant fact should be recognized: against the backdrop of the degradation of official (together with “gray”) wages, when a professional machine operator has a salary of 20-25 thousand rubles, many people are thinking about leaving “for free bread”. Moreover, some of them even really begin to engage in part-time work. Initially, it looks like a kind of freelancing.

In this regard, we can single out the main trend of small businesses in 2022 – the requirement to minimize initial investments. They are dictated not at all by concern for the profitability of the future business, but by more pressing reasons: such start-up entrepreneurs (and they are) simply do not have enough money to “scatter” them, investing in extremely risky undertakings. Therefore, when choosing a type of activity, many proceed from a compromise of the following limiting factors:

  • personal inclination, interest in a certain type of activity;
  • the minimum required amount of investments required at the first stage.

Among these types of part-time business that are popular among both men and women, we can distinguish:

  • Instagram management;
  • creation of clothes for pets;
  • and even commodity business under the scheme of dropshipping.

Internet sales promotion trend

This is a relatively new trend. Even small businesses in the traditional market segment eventually become networked. A typical example is the shops of farm products, which are now appearing even in not very large cities. Such a store is a grocery outlet within walking distance, which occupies the smallest possible area, as a rule, directly in the house (this can be either a purchased apartment on the 1st floor or a basement).

If such a store does not sell alcoholic beverages, then the only way for it to survive is to keep a minimum margin in order to be able to compete with numerous network super- and hypermarkets. Obtaining any licenses and certificates is not required here, so it turns out that the natural direction for the development of such a business is its scaling.

The owner of such a store uses his own savings plus bank lending, and opens another similar outlet, already in another area (after marketing analysis ). Profit, in fact, doubles, then, with the opening of a new point, triples, and so on. This makes it possible not only to make purchases at more attractive prices, but also to stimulate sales by launching advertising.

Large-scale advertising campaigns on TV or using street billboards in the case of only a few outlets will not be justified. Therefore, the natural solution is to stimulate sales through the Internet. And here are the specific reasons why:

  • in the contextual advertising settings, you can set location signs to show videos only to those users who live near retail outlets;
  • promoting a project via the Internet (that is, stimulating consumer demand) costs orders of magnitude cheaper than public offline campaigns;
  • advertising on the Internet is much more flexible in terms of making possible changes to it (meaning both the mode of showing videos and their content).

So, SEO promotion is becoming a fashionable, economically justified business trend in 2022 in Russia, even for traditional activities, not to mention those business formats that are tied to the Internet (for example: the creation and development of online stores; sales of goods at international trade sites, etc.).

Everything cheap trend

It would seem that this is a very good, albeit very banal slogan, the importance of which should simply not be forgotten. However, this is not quite true. In modern Russian realities, the vast majority of consumers simply cannot afford to buy something expensive – they have extremely poor solvency. As a result, this leads to the fact that … high-quality goods are squeezed out of the market, and what was considered “not camille” in the past is turning into a completely reasonable alternative. The most unpleasant thing is that we are talking, first of all, about essential goods.

Right now in the Russian consumer market:

  • low-quality and even harmful food products accumulate (for example, with a high content of palm oil);
  • it is impossible to find modern highly effective drugs (scandals are widely known when citizens are forced to travel abroad for the drugs they need, and in their homeland they are also punished for importing a pharmaceutical product that is not registered in the Russian Federation);
  • it is impossible to find modern high-quality high-tech products: after all, such goods are expensive, and therefore there will not be sufficient demand for them (a vivid example is the level of sales of TESLA cars in Russia – it is zero).

Business is trying to survive, so entrepreneurs will buy and offer to the attention of customers only those goods and services that the latter can purchase. And this, in turn, means that due to the extremely weak solvency, high-quality and technologically advanced goods are being squeezed out of the market. Unfortunately, this is the most massive trend of 2022 in domestic business.

home delivery trend

However, not everything is so bad, and even in the Russian consumer market there are positive trends. Definitely a new trend in business in 2022 is the focus of many clothing and industrial goods sellers on serving their customers on a “till-the-door” basis.

Not only every online store (for example, selling clothes), but also a completely traditional outlet in the modern world has its own portal on the Internet, where it is possible to purchase everything that is now in the store’s warehouse, and sometimes even on better terms. than offline (meaning various discounts for Internet users). At the same time, in the case of an online purchase, the goods are delivered to the user either by mail or by courier delivery.

And if we take into account the discounts provided by the seller to stimulate online sales, then the rise in price due to the cost of delivery becomes almost imperceptible.

At the same time, not all items of clothing necessarily require a preliminary fitting. But it’s so nice not to spend your weekends on endless wanderings through the vast shopping centers in search of what you need (and as a result, you still get some kind of compromise).

The emphasis on online shopping is now observed all over the world, and primarily in developed countries. Thanks to this trend, huge malls (shopping centers with industrial goods stores) are emptying and re-profiling, and all kinds of marts (grocery supermarkets) are urgently acquiring courier services for prompt delivery.

In Russia, online trading is developing rapidly, mainly due to a significant difference in prices for goods in offline stores and on the same “international counter” AliExpress.

Sometimes this situation is compared with the prices in boutiques on the 1st line of Tverskaya Street in Moscow and at the Cherkizovsky market (at the time when it still existed).

Saving money when buying durable goods, domestic buyers prefer to order them directly from China. And this in most cases means the delivery of purchased goods directly to the house.

Cooperation as a key business trend in 2022 that increases business efficiency

More recently, an ordinary hairdresser was a direct competitor for a stylist-designer, and even for a professional makeup artist’s studio. This is despite the fact that the services provided in all cases can vary quite significantly. As a result, competition between their performers, dumping and other events, although pleasant for consumers, but extremely undesirable for enterprises, began, as a result of which the marginality of the business fell significantly.

Now we can state that the free market has found a way out. Enterprises, especially in related industries, are beginning to unite, pursuing a balanced policy:

  • in the field of pricing;
  • when determining the list of services provided and works provided;
  • when creating advertising campaigns.

Now in the price lists of numerous retailers operating in the consumer market, one can find mention of several names of other companies that may operate both in a different field and in a close market segment. Usually such firms are referred to as partners, and clients are encouraged to contact their services. (Sometimes even additional discounts are provided).

Such a policy brings a significant economic effect, which is expressed in the fact that the number of clients increases for the participants of such a partnership due to the above recommendations. As a result, revenue increases further, but the cost of the same advertising, on the contrary, is reduced, since now it is enough to conduct a general campaign, that is, one for all.

The spreading cooperation between enterprises operating in the domestic consumer market can be called a real “spring” of entrepreneurial activity and a renaissance of management technologies.


Readers of this material, most likely, would like to get a final answer to the question, what type of business in domestic realities is in trend in 2022? It is not possible to answer in one word. But the most unpleasant, unfortunately, is that events regularly take place that prove that the most profitable business in Russia at the moment is the administrative-forced redistribution of property and assets. Of course, this cannot be called the business trend of 2022 in the full sense of the word, however, many of the participants in this process treat it that way.