5 Dog Breeds That Can’t Tolerate Heat

Just like us, our dogs can’t stand the heat. In the summer, when the temperatures are too high, during an activity that is too intense or if your dog is exposed to the sun for a long time, heat stroke can happen very quickly … And it can be fatal for your animal! You should know that not all dogs tolerate heat poorly. Some breeds are more prone to heatstroke than others, and we’re going to show you five of them today.

The Alaskan Malamute

alaska malamute dog
Credit: clayton-caldwell/Unsplash

The Alaskan Malamute is a dog with a very thick coat. The latter is therefore ideal for keeping warm in winter. However, it is in the summer that his hair becomes problematic as he is at risk of heat stroke. Pack dog, he needs a lot of energy and besides, the Alaskan Malamute does not support loneliness. Therefore, in warm weather, it is better to go out early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is a bit more tolerable. To lighten it, brush it regularly to remove the excess hair.

the pug

pug dog
Credit: lucas-santos/Unsplash

The Pug is a rather fragile dog, especially when it comes to breathing. Indeed, it is a breed belonging to the brachycephalic, that is, it has a crushed snout. This property makes it more sensitive to strong heat, as it is more difficult to ventilate. It should therefore be kept warm in winter, but also shaded in summer with unlimited water. If you’re athletic, this isn’t the ideal breed, but if you take it with you during your activities, pay close attention to its breathing.


portrait of a Newfoundland dog
Credit: michal-rojek/iStock

The Newfoundland is also not a dog made for extreme heat. This is mainly due to its double coverage, which makes it more prone to heat stroke than other breeds. In the summer, therefore, make sure that he can always take advantage of a corner in the shade. Above 25 degrees it is not recommended to take long walks. So opt for several short walks during the day or venture out in the morning and evening when temperatures are a bit cooler.

The French Bulldog

french bulldog dog on a leash
Credit: geo-chierchia/Unsplash

Like the Pug cited earlier in the article, the French Bulldog is one of the dogs of the brachycephalic race. The latter is therefore particularly poorly resistant to heat. In addition, keep in mind that flat-faced dogs can get heat stroke even if the temperature isn’t a big deal. Too much effort or too much stress can wear off quickly difficulty

Le Shih Tzu

little shih tzu puppy
Credit: silvana-carlos / Unsplash

The Shih Tzu is a breed of dog with a fairly dense and smooth coat. Due to this thick fur, it cannot retain heat well. In addition, his crushed muzzle does not help anything, because it prevents correct respiratory ventilation. In hot weather, your dog may therefore have difficulty breathing.

The symptoms of heat stroke are excessive panting with a lot of salivation. Your pet’s gait may be casual and seek a cool spot. If you have a thermometer, a dog’s normal body temperature is between 38 and 39°C, above 40.5°C he is hyperthermic.

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