5 good tips to survive the first night with your puppy

That’s it, it’s D-Day, your puppy has just arrived at your home! After a quick exploration of his brand new home and first contact with all members of the family, your furball will start to get tired… and so will you. And for good reason, the first day is always hard, because it’s rich in emotions! Now it’s bedtime, but if ever there was a moment that scared you, this is it. What if your puppy starts howling all night? Don’t panic, here are all our tips to make your first night go well!

Good to know : If your puppy howls on this first night away from his family of origin, it is not to annoy you, but because his instinct prompts him to do so. Indeed, he knows that at his age being separated from his pack, and especially from his mother, is dangerous for his survival (as a reminder, dogs have retained the instincts of their wild ancestors who lived in nature). The only way his pack will find him is to cry.

1. Let him sleep in your room

Step one: Decide where your puppy will sleep the first night. On this topic there is two approaches : some believe that it is better to immediately accustom the animal to the place where it will sleep for the rest of its life (the kitchen or the garage for example), while others argue that the first nights should be spent in the owner’s room be spent space to avoid incessant crying.

At Animalaxy, we prefer the second approach, which is gentler and more reassuring for the puppy. Certainly because it is not because your dog sleeps with you for the first week, the time to get used to its new environment, that it refuses to sleep elsewhere afterwards. It’s enough to just gradually move him out of the bedroom.

Also note that to give him some comfort, you can let him sleep in his transport case (open) instead of the first few times in the basket. Indeed, puppies feel safer in small, confined spaces than in large open spaces.

2. Satisfy all your bedtime needs

This is the basics. If your puppy has played, eaten, drank, peed and pooped before he goes to bed, chances are he will fall asleep more easily.

On the other hand, it is also very likely that he will wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to urinate. And this is completely normal! Puppies don’t hold well until they are 3 or 4 months oldor even more for some. It is for this reason that it is recommended to take out the water bowl for the first time at night.

However, if your little dog wakes up in an unfamiliar place, he may feel lost and fear may overwhelm him. He’ll probably start crying… and peeing. Ideally you should therefore get up once or twice during the first nights. to take your puppy outside to defecate. If you’re concerned about the prospect, arrange a spot in the corner of the room with a newspaper, or even some dirt, to encourage him to relieve himself.

3. Don’t reassure him too much

Surely to hear this little piece of cabbage cry desperately is enough to break your heart. But don’t worry, it wouldn’t stay. Or at most a few days.

lying puppy
Credit: moshehar/Pixabay

On the other hand, if at the slightest moan you rush to take him in your arms and reassure him, then you will have to bear the consequences of this behavior. And rightly so, your puppy will have learned that crying allows you to have your full attention and more…

If your puppy is sleeping in your room and he is really keeping you awake with his moaning, one trick is to just put your hand in your basket. This presence will help reassure him and will then encourage him to fall asleep.

4. Make a corner for him

To make sure that your puppy feels good on this first night in the house, you can completely decorate his basket or transport box with accessories.

To do this, do not hesitate to add in his checkout a very soft blanket. even a hot water bottle to remind him of the presence of his mother and his siblings. A night light or even a clock the “ticking” sound can also help calm it down.

5. Get a cloth impregnated with his mother’s scent

Giving your puppy the chance to fall asleep with a toy, stuffed animal or blanket infused with the scent of his mother and siblings can be very helpful the first night. And for good reason, this familiar smell will make him feel more secure.

So think carefully when you pick up your puppy from the breeder or the shelter!

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