5 Precautions To Take So That This Never Happens To You!

Steal a dog? What a funny idea, you’ll tell me! It may not occur to you, but not everyone does… As a dog owner, you absolutely need to know that the illegal pet trade is on the rise, especially in France. In fact, the theft of dogs, often purebred dogs, is on the rise. To protect your dog, here are some tips that you can practice on a daily basis!

Good to know : Stolen dogs are usually sold to private individuals, in France or abroad. But also female dogs can join farms or puppy mills, usually in Eastern Europe, to be used for breeding. Some stolen dogs can also be used in dog fights, resold to pharmaceutical companies, or even killed for their skin or their meat.

1. Never leave it unattended

Whether tethered to a post in the street, left alone in a car or even in your yard, it’s essential never to leave your dog unattended, and this even if you’re only gone for a few minutes time to race.

In fact, the modus operandi of the thieves is often the same: after they spot a dog, they wait until the owner is out of sight to steal it. And they don’t hesitate to smash a car window or jump a fence!

And if you think your dog would never let a stranger approach you, think again. Thieves actually have more than one trick up their sleeve. For example, they can lure your pet with treats or even sleeping pills.

2. Be vigilant in public places

When in public places, especially if they are relatively busy, such as a market or tourist avenue, be especially vigilant. It does indeed happen that dog thieves have a snatch away. As they would for handbags.

To do this, they will run right up to you and as they push you aside, they will yank the leash from your hands or even grab your dog from your arms. And as a rule, everything goes so fast that you don’t even have time to reply. Keep in mind that this type of theft is more likely to happen in small dogs that are easy to transport, such as Chihuahuas, Jacks Russell or Yorkshires.

3. Identify your dog

It may seem surprising, but sometimes dogs are stolen because they are confused with…abandoned or stray dogs ! Indeed, thinking they are doing the right thing, some people pick up dogs they find on the street, thinking they are being left to their own devices or abandoned by their owners.

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To avoid this confusion, do not hesitate to write your phone number on your dog’s collar and especially to: identify with an electronic chip. Also remember to keep the latter’s contact details up to date. This way you can be notified immediately if someone picks up your hairball and takes it to the vet or the shelter.

In addition, identifying your dog or having it tattooed is a suretyship. This is because a chip or a tattoo cannot be erased except with a surgical procedure. And that often deters thieves…

4. Vary the walking routes

Dog thieves can sometimes their premeditated theft after seeing a dog on the street. They then decide to follow the owner to know his walking habits and his travel schedule. This way they can choose the best time and place of the walk to perform their mischief.

Consider varying your walking routes to avoid being followed. Especially because it will probably please your dog!

5. Beware of those who ask too many questions

Beware of people who approach you on the street and are too interested in your dog. The more questions they ask, the more suspicious it is.

Likewise, don’t shout from the rooftops that you bought your dog, and even less at what cost? ! Indeed, the more valuable your dog, the more he can be the target of thieves…

The number to know : 70,000 dogs are stolen every year in France!

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