5 things to know about this independent dog

Although we are less well known than other breeds, the Karelian Bear Dog is very popular in Finland where it originates. It was primarily trained to hunt moose and bear, but today it is an animal that is adopted for its other traits. But beware of his character! Zoom in on this animal that is coming towards us from the north.

1. He was born in Finland

The Karelian Bear Dog is in fact native to North Europe where he began to be raised by Finnish and Russian peasants. He was much appreciated for his robustness and his qualities as hunters.

The first farms were born in the thirties, and the breed gradually becomes so popular that it is one of the 10 most popular from Finland.

2. A dog made for hunting

Indeed, it is for this feature that it has been so popular. The farmers needed a strong dog to defend their livestock and go hunting.

And it wasn’t about small prey, as the Karelian bear dog specialized in the moose hunting or the bear – from which he takes his name. In fact, it is a breed that was developed for this specific purpose, which explains its character.

3. Independence above all else

It is indeed THE word that best describes these dogs. This explains why they sometimes show a strong character… However, they know how to be effective when they working with people.

In addition, their loyalty flawless and their side protective also like to make them in a family setting. However, it will be necessary to know how to patience during their training.

Karelian Bear Dog
Credit: Fraczek.marcin / Wikimedia Commons

4. Development takes place in the wild

Given its history, it is not difficult to understand why this animal need a lot of exercise – and by extending a corner to let off steam.

If you want to adopt a Karelian Bear Dog, you better get one garden, or to be able to take it out regularly so that it can burn itself out!

5. He works to protect bears

It is not only used for hunting. In recent years, some Karelian bear dogs have even been trained to follow and repel bears from some Russian villages. So the goal is to to protect both residents and bears…

The dogs therefore have the mission of hunting bears to divert them into the woods, as sheepdogs do to cattle. A nice example of cooperation between humans and dogs !

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