5 things you need to know about the bitterest dog in the world

Among the unique dogs is the Hungarian puli. It is also considered the furry breed in the world! But behind this fur veil he hides a very loving personality. Here are 5 things you need to know if you want to adopt one.

1. He has a unique coat

If the Hungarian puli is a dog the hairiest in the worldbecause of its very special structure in Turkey. It actually is two layers of hair. The first is a soft and woolly undercoat, very classic. But the second layer is made of long, dry fur. For this reason, the two layers intertwine and form twists and turnsgives an impression “dreadlocks”.

Due to its fur, many people associate Hungarian pul with nature Pollux inside magic carouselwhich is in fact the Lhasa Apso, a completely different race.

Hungarian puli
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2. It requires special maintenance

There are also unique problems with unique Turkey! This fur ball is very difficult to wash. Because Hungarian puli is rare and takes time to wash, very few groomers accept it. That is why it is necessary prevent it from getting dirty up to.

This dog’s coat doesn’t brush either! You have to take care of it untwist your fingers. A long but necessary interview.

3. He is easy to train

The Hungarian puli is very intelligent, he is both obedient and witty! Therefore, it is easy to train a dog that is not capricious and stubborn. As a result, it is the perfect animal for your first adoption. In Hungary, his homeland, he was even used a police dog.

4. She gets along well with children

He is a very playful dog who loves to ask for your attention, so he enjoys spending playful moments with children. The Hungarian puli is also a very sweet and lovable dog who perfect for your family.

On the other hand, he has little problems with strangers and is scared with your guests, for example. That’s why it is, too very good watchdog.

Hungarian puli
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5. He needs space

Originally, the Hungarian puli was a shepherd dog. That is why he is very lively and active and needs to let off steam. Therefore, for its well-being, it is advisable to integrate it into a spacious living environment. He can only live in an apartment building if you take him away regularly.