6 good reasons to adopt an old dog

In shelters it is usually the older dogs that are never adopted… However, they have a lot of benefits and most importantly, have a lot of love to give!

1. He is less active

If you are more of the lazy type and you are not inspired by walking around 2 hours a day but you are a real dog lover then adopting an old dog might be the way to go. Indeed, an old dog is less energetic, less “crazy” than a young dog and often prefers spend the day napping next to his master instead of getting tired.

2. It’s clean

An old dog has the merit of being clean already. This way you are assured of have no unpleasant surprises on the way home. Unless he’s incontinent, but that’s another story…

3. He’s Educated

With an old dog you don’t have to spend hours learning basic commands, he already knows them (for the most part). So you can enjoy life with him right away without worrying about raising him.

old dog
Credit: labsafeharbor/Pixabay

4. He already has his character

The risk in adopting a puppy is that his future character will not match that of his human. In an older dog, the character is already determined and you made sure it didn’t go wrong and adopt a dog that is perfect for you. No unpleasant surprises!

5. He is not destructive

An older dog once lived in a family and has already learned to endure loneliness. He therefore does not run the risk of returning your apartment during your absence. On the other hand, he will always be very happy to see you again.

6. He’s Stopped Growing

By adopting a old dog, it won’t surprise you that you have a bigger dog than you expected. He is already his adult size and probably won’t grow again.

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