7 things to do for every green dog owner

Pets, especially dogs, play a role in global warming and pollution. And it is not for nothing that they also have a strong ecological footprint! The most important reason? The many croquettes they eat! To be manufactured, these croquettes generate the exploitation of many resources: including breeding, transportation, slaughter of animals and the processing of their meat into croquettes. If you want to respect the environment and have an “eco-friendly” dog, follow these tips!

1. Ban plastic!

The earth is literally being suffocated by plastic waste. And rightly so, this material takes up to 1000 years to fully decompose in nature. For this reason, more and more consumers are turning to Zero waste, a sustainable and responsible lifestyle that reduces the negative impact everyone has on the planet.

And to achieve a zero-waste world, the first thing you need to do is eliminate plastic from your life…and your dog’s. Not easy, but possible!

For example, instead of buying plastic toys for your dog, prefer toys made from natural and/or recycled materials. Also make sure they are strong so they last longer. And know that it’s also possible to make your own toys!

Finally, if your dog stops using certain toys, don’t throw them away. Rather give them to shelters.

2. Go Organic

Do you usually eat organic? And why not your dog! He also doesn’t want his food to be full of pesticides

To encourage sustainable and natural farming while preserving your dog’s health, don’t hesitate to switch to: organic croquettes. These contain no chemicals and are no more expensive than a quality brand. In fact, sometimes it is even possible to buy them en masse !

dog eat bowl
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Note that a homemade food is also possible, provided you discuss this with your vet beforehand.

3. Choose natural products

If you are in the habit of bathing your dog several times a year, it is recommended to organic shampoo.

Likewise, at home, for example to clean your dog’s pee, don’t hesitate to swap your usual household products for white vinegar. This natural product, and thus respectful of the environment, is just as effective in cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. However, do not hesitate to mix it with a little water.

In addition, a good natural alternative to detergent Marseille soap is used to clean your dog’s food bowl.

4. Collect his excrement

Whether in the city, in the country or in your yard, it is highly recommended that you pick up your dog’s poop. The reason ? Your dog carries different pathogens than those found in wild animals. However, if they come into contact (by sniffing, licking, etc.) with your dog’s stool, they can get sick or even die.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, dog poop is not “good” for the bottom layer. And rightly so, dogs do not eat natural food, unlike wolves, for example. On the contrary, the longer a dog poop stays in one place, the more time bacteria have to develop and pollute the earth.

dog feces
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Note that it is better to focus on: biodegradable bags, made of plant material, to collect your dog’s poop. Indeed, they can then go in the compost!

5. Brush it out

This eco-friendly tip may seem a little surprising, and yet… You may be in the habit of brush your dog several times a week. In this case, you will likely end up with clumps or even mounds of hair. And these always end up in the trash.

In reality, there is a way to recycle your dog’s hair, to give them a second life in some way. To do this, nothing could be easier, just brush your dog outside or leave your balls of fur in nature, especially in the spring. The reason ? Wild animals, and more particularly birds, will then be able to use it to make their nest !

In addition, keep in mind that your dog’s hair can also become compostedlike any other organic waste.

6. Adopt from a shelter

The next time you want to welcome a new animal into your home, consider adopting it from a shelter. Indeed, millions of animals are abandoned every year and among them is necessarily the animal that suits you. So much so as not to increase the dog population by adoption from a breeding farm or pet store.

And, contrary to what one might think, not all shelter animals are old or sick ! It is regularly possible to find puppies or kittens. In addition, there are many dogs with great personalities that have been abandoned because their owners no longer wanted to care for them.

7. Think about sterilization

To prevent the number of abandoned animals from continuing to increase, it is strongly recommended to: sterilize your dog.

Mainly because sterilization is beneficial for his health as it helps prevent serious and potentially fatal conditions such as breast or testicular tumors or infections of the uterus.


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