Answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about dogs

Among all the (many) questions we can ask ourselves about our four-legged friends, there are some that come up much more often than others … Physical Curiosity, Behavior, Health, etc. Here are the answers to the questions you ask yourself most about your dog!

These answers are meant to be quick, clear, and concise. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to click on the links in the different songs!

1. Why is it waving its tail?

It’s a mistake to think that waving your tail always means she’s happy. It is possible, of course, but this above all, conveys a strong feeling. So it can also be fear or stress. When approaching an unknown dog, don’t rely on its tail movements!

2. Why does he scratch the ground after he has taken care of his case?

Nearly 10% of all fur and sized dogs behave this way. It helps them better dispersed pheromones in airand thus mark their area more effectively.

3. Why do dogs bark?

Dogs rarely bark for no reason. It is one of their main means of expression, which they use to express their boredom, stress, frustration, etc. Finally, the better you know your animalthe better you can interpret its language.

4. Why do his eyes run and / or turn red?

It is not normal for a dog to have red eyes. This may be a sign of an eye infection, in which case you should consult your veterinarian. The same goes for bleeding eyes, although some breeds are inherently more susceptible to it, such as the poodle and bichon.

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5. Why does he eat his feces (and others)?

This can happen sometimes, but it is don’t make it a habit. Causes of coprophagia can be numerous: presence of worms, poorly adapted diet, behavioral disorder, anxiety.

6. Why don’t we give him chocolate?

You will not share your portion of chocolate with your dog! Simply because theobromine it is toxic to dogs – it is found in larger amounts in dark chocolate. Difficulty digesting and breathing are the main signs of poisoning.

7. Why is he dragging on the ground after him?

This gesture, which often makes us smile, can be a sign of a problems with the glands in the anus about your dog. They can become clogged and cause itching. This behavior can also be a sign of the presence of parasites or follow diarrhea (this allows him to clean his back).

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8. Why is he eating grass?

This is perfectly normal when it is occasional. It’s an instinctive reflex that gives them a chance clean the stomach and clean it. It may also indicate that his diet is low in fiber.

9. Why is my dog ​​licking me?

an indication of affection Or just a reflex? We need to turn to the first proposal. Puppies learn from an early age that licking is a gesture of affection. As an adult, it can also be a sign of submission.

10. Why is he shaking?

There may be tremors simple physiological reflexes cold, fear, tension, etc. But if they are too present and crippling, they can mean illness or a neurological disorder, poisoning in the most severe cases. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a core network.