Can you change the name of your dog?

For several reasons, you feel the need to change your dog’s name. But is this possible? Does he understand that? We evaluate together.

Why change your dog’s name?

There are many reasons to change a dog’s name. The most common is shelter adoption. When the dog is lifted, his name may not be known and animal professionals give it the name they want. Your dog may not have time to learn it, so you can give it a new one. When you adopt, you can also change the dog’s name if you don’t like it. It is also recommended changing a dog’s name when it is related to violence and the punishment of their former home. He can then start again on a good footing with this new first name, which is related only to the positive.

The dog can learn very fast his new first name if your approach is correct.

On the other hand, be careful: you shouldn’t change your dog’s name. if you have had it since you were a puppy and everything is going well.

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How to choose a new first name?

Choosing a new first name is complicated because of the multiplicity of possibilities, but here are some tips.

  • That would be better avoid names that sound like a command which your dog gets on a daily basis because it can confuse them. If you want to call your dog Lassy, ​​he can confuse it with the command “sit”.
  • Choose a short name : In an emergency, you are more reactive if the name is simple, easy to pronounce and, above all, short.
  • Don’t give a name that might resent the eyes of outsiders or cause fear. If you have a big dog and call it a Monster, some might think it means.
  • You can give it a name that will make you smile.
  • If your newcomer used to be in an orchard or in the same home for years, he or she needs to know his or her first name well. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the same name or otherwise phonetically close name. For example, if its name was Ouby, you could rename it Ruby.

For assistance dogs, you don’t have to change your name because they have been trained with the latter and this can hinder their development.

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How to teach your dog a new name?

Teaching your dog this new name is actually not so complicated. There are many ways you can proceed. Here are 3 possibilities.

  1. Game : You need to associate your dog’s new name with something happy. If every time you say his name, a treat or toy follows, he understands that this word applies to him. Play with him by saying a new name as he reacts, mark the function “yes” or click so that he understands that he must remember the information. Repeat the procedure until it becomes a reflex for your dog.
  2. Transitional : if the dog knows his old name perfectly, a transition must be made so that it understands. Say your dog’s old name several times and reward him when he responds. Repeat several sets. Then make the transfer. Say your dog a new name, take a break, say the old name. Reward when he looks at you and repeats several times. Finish, just use a new first name, reward him when he recognizes his new name. Repeat several times.
  3. rotation : in everyday life, alternative names for your dog. Once an old name, once a new one. By force he will recognize both and you can delete the old first name. The dog has no difficulty recognizing different names because it is not uncommon for a host to give several nicknames to his companion.
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