Canicross, all about this sport you can practice with your dog

Looking for new activities for your dog? Discover canicross, a sport where you and your dog form a close-knit team. This little special workout will give you special moments with your pet, but is also a great way to motivate you for the sport!

Canicross, a special sport

Canicross is a new sport that Practice with your dog. This is attached thanks to a harness that attaches to its master belt. Therefore, both partners must sync to run together. It can be practiced on all canines that have stopped growing and in any terrain. However, it is very important choose your equipment wisely. Forget about straps and collars and invest in a quality harness that won’t harm your pet. For example, he must not cut off his bloodstream or be too stiff.

canicross dog and woman on the lake
Authors: Istock, Solovyova

Canicross clubs

Like many other sports, canicross may not be practiced alone. There are many canicross clubs today, on a different scale. It’s a way to motivate yourself while meeting and enjoying other people and dogs. If you’re new to this species, it’s also a great way to get your dog to understand what you’re expecting from him. You can also benefit from the advice of the most experienced. The license is also a very practical advantage in competitions that sometimes require a lot of proof (veterinarian, doctor).

Participate in competitions

There are and can be many canicross competitions in France and around the world a source of motivation for you. This is another opportunity to meet people, you and your dog! These events are often involved various racks and finds our favorite animals. For example, there is ” Huu Running“which takes place just an hour from Paris,” The madness of Canicross over 6 miles or even Mountain Trophy“, a competition for the most experienced, as it will be held for 9 consecutive days.

canicross dog leash
Authors: Istock, TRAVELARIUM

Why canicross?

Practicing this activity with your dog can only do you good. Indeed, he give your dog air and exercise, but also learn new words such as “right”, “left”, “stop”… You can then perform your traditional training methods to get a more playful and original method. It is also an opportunity share unique moments with your dogand thus develop your relationship. You need to learn to understand and listen to your dog, and he needs to adjust to your rhythm. For the future, there is also a cani pathwhich consists of towing your dog with a harness and rubber band.