Dog breeds that weren’t meant for your home

If you are going to get yourself a dog, then pay attention to the advice of experts on complex breeds that are better not to choose for beginner dog breeders.

There can be many reasons for getting a dog, but there is at least one reason why some breeds are better not even considered as a pet – unsuitability for keeping in the house. This inadequacy may be due to several factors. Firstly, due to their size, large dogs will be uncomfortable. Secondly, dogs bred for protection often require serious daily physical exertion, and, for example, hunting breeds cannot realize their natural instincts in urban housing. Thirdly, the nature of some breeds requires a special approach to education, and if you are still a beginner and do not have the necessary skills, life with such a dog can be dangerous not only for others but also for you.

Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Behind the cute appearance is a dog that is distrustful of strangers, complex and aggressive towards other animals. In addition, this breed requires constant physical activity, and training requires a fair amount of effort.

It is important to consider that such a complex dog breed as the Akita Inu does not like other dogs, especially their own gender. They can be noble and restrained, but only when they recognize the owner as the unconditional leader. And yes, know that the Akita sheds heavily twice a year.

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