Dog Breeds That Weren’t Meant For Your Home

If you are going to buy a dog at home, be sure to find out the opinion of experts, study the reviews of experienced owners about the breeds that novice dog breeders should not start. There are many obstacles that make it unnecessary to choose a particular dog as a pet.

Time, money, and increased attention are serious, but not all circumstances. It is equally important to take into account the inability of the dog to live in an apartment.

It can be caused by many reasons: large or, conversely, small size, the requirement for increased physical exertion, the need to satisfy natural instincts (like in hunting dogs), finally, the character of the future pet can be very difficult, and this is fraught with dangers for you, and for other family members, especially children.

Let’s take a look at a few breeds that can cause such difficulties for the owner. Oddly enough, let’s start with those who are considered to be “cuties” and from whom no dirty tricks are expected.

Akita inu

An adorable dog with fluffy red hair. She is able to cause affection even in adulthood with her smiling face, soft ears, and mobile tail. Such a hybrid of a bear and a chanterelle, a soft toy in the house. However, behind this cute appearance, there is sometimes a rather aggressive character that can push her to an evil trick against other animals in the house and on the street. The dog is very distrustful of strangers. At first glance, it would seem, and not bad. But he is shown increased physical activity, and you will have to walk a lot with him. And who will guarantee that a stranger will not speak to you on the street? So much for a puncture in your behavior. In addition, training an Akita will take a lot of time, patience, and energy.

Akita is very distrustful of strangers, so the dog will not be comfortable in the apartment.


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