Dogs sniffing drugs: how do they do it?

Police seize tens of tons of drugs each year. Cannabis, cocaine, heroin… All of these substances are wanted, and police can trust loyal allies to find them: dogs. But have you ever wondered how dogs manage to find these drugs so accurately? We will explain everything to you!

Carefully selected Dog Breeds

Not all dog breeds are meant to become sniffer dogs. Indeed, man must have good intuition, and that is why we focus specifically on certain races. mainly found bergers allemandsfrom labrador and even beagles.

A good atmosphere is not the only quality required, but it is also essential be hard ! In addition, we found poodleIn the police brigades of the 90s, but they were gradually ignored because of their too weak characteristics in this particular case.

police dog
Credits: yacobchuk / iStock

Strict training

Dogs have been trained in general examinations all other police dogs . Their physical abilities, flair, loyalty and other qualities are tested. The results are then divided into two different categories: attack dogor find a dog . For the latter, we group stray dogs junk, explosives, or look for dogs people!

Every dog ​​at dog handler who gives him commandments and to whom he is faithful. Therefore, it is important that the dog and his owner have a relationship trust and love to form team the best possible performance!

Sniffer dog training can take some time 3 and 6 months before he is sent to the field to carry out what he has learned.

Drug exploration

Some people think that stray dogs use drugs and that is why they are looking for a substance. It is clear completely wrong because their research methods are organized in a much different way!

Drug research is presented like game to the animal. The dog master gives toyfor his dog, a personal toy that belongs to him in the long run. We put smell based on the molecule of the drug sought. That’s why a dog associates smell with its game.. And so he instinctively goes to look for it during the excavations. In the end, he just thinks about gaming! For this reason, when a dog detects an odor, it begins bark or at tail fluttering considerably.

Serious role

Snuff dogs are really important in the search for drugs. Some are so good at it that powerful drug cartels have gotten their heads rewarded. Like Sombra a Colombian dog that led to his arrest 245 peoplethanks 10 tonnes of cocainehe found!