For this reason, you need to be careful with dogs

A dognap derived from the word “kidnapping” corresponds to the abduction of dogs. This crime is far too common in France, and in some countries, such as the United States, it is even more destructive. Celebrities have even fallen victim… But why attack dogs?

History of Donappa

Dognapping is not new and has mainly started in ITSUnited States. In fact, it is a practice that does not come from yesterday. One of the best-known stories dates back to 1934, when Harvard students stole Komea Dan, school mascot at the moment! And there have been many other incidents since then, some of which have been made public more than others when they belong to celebrities. There are estimated to be dog thefts in the United States increased by 70% In 10 years!

There are them in France tens of thousands of disappearances per year. Which gets dog theft thirdly in illegal traffic most important after weapons and drugs. But where are all these animals being brought?

dog theft
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Why steal dogs?

Thieves often have different reasons to steal these dogs. The targets are often expensive dog breeds.

  • Some are sold again to other persons without malicious intent who know nothing about the origin of the dog.
  • A lot female purebreds are stolen to make puppies on farms in order resell scope.
  • Hunting dogs are also in demand by thieves due to their durability! They can be used sports competition.
  • And less fortunate are sometimes used among hunting dogs illegal dog fighting !
  • Dogs celebrities they are stolen for return ransom at unreasonable prices.

Thieves use several techniques, all of which are well established and bind them to trial. Some penetrate your gardento retrieve the dog after leaving the premises. Others take advantage of the indifference of the owners parksor abduct a dog while it awaits its owner at from outside the store .

We will give you 5 tips to avoid these thefts and protect your dog!

History of Lady Gaga’s dogs

One of the latest dognap stories is the story of the singer’s dogs Lady Gaga Stateside. Although one of his dog walker walks three of his dogs – the French Bulldog – the individuals came by car, armed,and threatened the man. They pointed their guns at him and asked him to hand over the dogs. The entire scene was captured with a surveillance camera that shows aggression violence! The man was shot – he is now out of danger – and the thieves left with two dogs. Fortunately, the dogs were found safe and 5 men were arrested for theft.