How to reward your dog properly?

There are many responsibilities involved in adopting a dog, and especially training the animal properly. In order for your dog to have a good cohabitation and take full advantage of life with this fur ball, your dog really needs to be at least obedient and therefore be able to benefit from a training worthy of the name. Of course, you can call a professional who knows the matter thoroughly, or try to do it yourself. This second solution is inevitably more boring, but also much more satisfying when the result exists. The good training of a dog takes place mainly through a reward system. How do you proceed so that he takes real lessons from it?

Prize rate

Too often, dog masters tend to train them through Penalty. However, it is important to remember that a dog is an opportunistic animal that therefore stays much easier useful situations. For this reason, it is important to reward good behavior rather than punish bad. In this way, he realizes for himself that he has a full interest in introducing them in the future. On the other hand, when an animal reacts with punishment and negativity, it only has an unpleasant feeling that forces it to eventually and probably after some time avoid certain behaviors. An option that therefore favors fear and what put the dog’s well-being in the background.

How to reward your dog so he learns from it?

The principle of the award is simply to encourage behavior, and this can be done in different ways:

  • verbal award, which requires the instructor to adopt various intonations of sound in order to make the animal realize that the act he did was good. To do this, it is recommended to go up the treble.
  • gourmet awardwhere your pet is given a little treat to congratulate it. To find these delicious snacks, you can turn a pet wholesalerwhere you will probably find a wide selection if you are a professional.
  • reward game, which may not be suitable for all situations and especially for dogs who have difficulty channeling their energy. However, it is ideal for those who are currently understanding the principle of reward.

Finally, it is necessary respect a certain timing when it comes to rewarding a dog. It’s indeed a living animal right now, so it makes no sense to reward it an hour or two after an activity. In this case, he simply risks not understanding the purpose of this reward, which then has nothing does not affect his behavior.