How to socialize your dog?

While we have all dreamed of adopting a dog one day, there are responsibilities involved in keeping a pet. More than feeding and stroking a dog, like us, needs social relationships. He must be able to interact with humans and other dogs. This socialization is necessary because there is a risk that your dog will develop behavioral or developmental disorders. Here are some tips to help you socialize or re-socialize your dog!

Train your dog

The first thing is, of coursetrain your dogteach him how to interact with others. Teach him to control his frustration, its strength or even its aggressiveness. He needs to understand that, for examplehe must not pull on the strap. Another very practical method is to train him to surrender using rewards (treats). Then you can use this learning to master it when he is excited or misbehaving.

Call the professionals

If you can’t train your dog alone, don’t hesitate seek help from professionals. For example, dog breeders, trainers. You can also ask dog behavior expert analysis if you want to know the origin of your pet’s difficulties.

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Take care of his needs

Unlike the first reflex that can be, it is better not to isolate him from others avoid deleting it. On the contrary, it is necessary multiply the outputs, and be sure to reward your dog when it behaves well. It also makes him consume his energy let him channel it and get better interactions with others.

Take care of his and your safety

The main thing remains ensures the safety of your dog, you and others. If your dog is unable to interact with others, it is recommended get him to use the muzzle.

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Prepare meetings

You can completely arrange meetings yourselfand thus manage frameworks and approaches. It is recommended to give priority socializing with the opposite sex. Obviously, choose another caring dog and a healthy and relaxed environment.


Every dog ​​is different, and most of all, you have to develop your relationship with him. Try to understand him, interpret his attitude. If you manage to build a healthy relationship with your dog’s rules and teaching methods, then you will succeed is better able to handle difficult situations.