How to take good care of your dog if it is old?

The life of a dog is full of unforgettable moments for you and him. But there will come a time when your dog will have to leave, and it’s best to make his last days, weeks, and years as good as possible. How to make your dog end his life as comfortably as possible?

What is an “old dog”?

“Old dog” no not necessarily defined by age, but more on the basis of his behavior. We often have prejudices about old dogs. The beginning of old age depends primarily on race, range from 6 to 9 years for the most experienced. But the age of a dog is measured in relation to its reactivity, shape, coat color …

Help your dog

Just like an older person, an older dog I do not want to be alone, he must feel loved and surrounded. You stay his best friend: make sure that he is happy so he wants to continue the adventure.

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Customize your workouts

Contrary to popular belief have to go out like everyone else. Above all, it must not be left in the corner on the pretext that you do not want to disturb it at the end of its life cycle. You must continue physical trainingadapting them, of course, to your dog’s condition.

Customize their food

There is special food for older dogs. It is healthier, less heavy and contains beneficial nutrients such as vitamins. This will allow your pet weight does not increase despite decreased physical activitybut also to take care of your body, which is often put to the test.

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Keep enjoying!

Old age does not mean weakness! You still have lots of great moments to share with your dog, so don’t stop yourself from fear. It is also imperative that you continue to stimulate him and get him to play.


Your dog wants a well-deserved retirement! So don’t hesitate focus on comfort, which he desperately needs. Take it Body care, helps him to pamper his coat and nails. Give him a pleasant place comfortable and quiet.

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Dog depression

We don’t mean becoming senile here, but older dogs are more likely develop mental health problems. For example, they may be prone to dementia, a disease that appears around the age of seven. Their behavior can then change radically, and can lead to depression, anorexia, confusion …

Medical visits

You have to pay close attention your dog’s state of health. Indeed, it is much more likely that he will get sick and his health will deteriorate. Whether it’s his teeth, legs, weight, eyes, or behavior, you have to be careful of any problems. Do not hesitate to contact a professional if in doubt.