How to take your dog out of the city safely?

Living in the city and caring for a dog can sometimes cause difficulties. Between cars, a large population, and public transportation, your dog can lose his mind quickly – so can you! Don’t panic, it’s entirely possible to get along and have fun with your best friend on the streets where you live. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take your dog out safely!

Come out equipped!

The first thing is prepare for your excursions ! It all depends, of course, on how long you walk, but remember that it’s better to be too much than not enough. Consider taking water with you and a leash, bags and an silenceif your dog is not yet comfortable with others or is considered dangerous. Wait for the right moment when your dog seems motivated or willing to go out. Do not take it away after a mealyou might put him in danger.

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Meeting other dogs

Managing appointments with other dogs depends your personality. If he’s socially comfortable, this is his chance to make friends. However, if he tends to get excited in the presence of other dogs, wait until you have taught him social interaction. She is necessary for your dog to interact with other creaturesboth humans and animals.

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Exit to the right place

Equipped now, it’s about discovery the right place to make walking enjoyable. Choose parks and extensive open spaces where he can wander happily. Find out about your surroundings: they certainly are animal facilities in your city. If you decide to walk in your neighborhood, be careful! Watch out for cars and train your dog in advance. In fact, cities are full of distractions for your pet, it can entice you to cross the road.

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Public transport

If you have to use public transport, be careful! In spite ofthey travel for free , dogs are subject to different regulations while on the move. Small and medium-sized dogs aret travel in a bag or basket,and large dogs must have a leash and muzzle. If you commit a violation, you expose yourself a A fine of 150 euros. Even big dogs can be banned on the buses.

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At his dog’s bar, is that possible?

The dogs want to enjoy the moments of the terrace during the favorable beautiful season! However, drinking with a dog can be a bad idea. All depends on the nature of your animal. If he is calm and unobtrusive, you can take him to the restaurant or on the terrace. However, if he tries to move a lot or demand too much attention, it is better to refrain. Of course, if your dog is classified as dangerous, you are not allowed to go to such a place and you are therean obligation to force him to wear a strap and snout outdoors.

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