Small Business Ideas With Minimum Investment 2020

Many in Russia believe that in order for life to be considered accomplished, you must either have a lot of money or hold a cool position (or even better, your dad should hold it).

If we put aside all the “major” areas, as well as the semi-criminal approach, which is based on the abuse of power and corruption, then it would be absolutely correct to say that success and wealth are always based on a good, relevant, well-thought-out idea.

It is she who will allow you to open a business from scratch (at least with large, at least with small costs), but this business in such situations will certainly “beat off” itself financially and justify itself. In this regard, we will try to compile our own TOP-10 – a rating of business ideas in 2020 with minimal investment.

1. Food delivery office – extended service

TOP business ideas 2020 with minimal investment, as a year earlier, leads the provision of food to the population. Despite all the assurances of the government of our country that the welfare of citizens is growing and the business climate is improving, the business community does not share this point of view, regularly reducing investment activity. As a result, only the most relevant topics remain on the market, with a guaranteed level of demand. First of all, we are talking about everything related to food.

The outsourcing topic for providing meals to office employees, as well as working areas of various profiles, is becoming more and more popular every year. If the entrepreneur is able to offer competitive prices for the supplied dishes, then the convenience of consumption (with delivery) will invariably maintain high demand for such a supplier.

It should also be noted that this business is characterized by a low level of investment. To start, you need no more than 20 thousand rubles. But with a certain level of trust, you can earn on the first deliveries at the expense of advances issued by customers. But you can not stop there: you can offer extended (comprehensive) services to acquired customers, adding diversified courier services to the delivery of meals to workplaces.

In the countries of Southeast Asia, the global aggregator Gojek (similar to the Uber taxi service) has been present for quite a long time. The couriers of this service are truly multifunctional: you can ask them to buy and bring food from a restaurant (this option has also been mastered by domestic services), or you can ask them to buy food in a store. You can ask them to bring cash and reimburse the courier on the spot by paying by credit card, or you can (and this is most important) transfer inventory items or the same cash for any amount to the addressee, wherever he is within the district service.

The mentality of the inhabitants of Southeast Asia denies the very possibility of theft when performing such an assignment (dark spots on karma, etc.). In Russia, the marginalized public, surviving on minimal wages, is the vast majority. So, not a single entrepreneur in his right mind will dare to trust any responsible documents or valuables to an unfamiliar courier.

It is a different matter if we are talking about people who already perform certain services or deliveries for such an entrepreneur. The topic of lunch deliveries here can be considered as a kind of guarantee that guarantees the high-quality performance of other (courier) tasks. It is quite obvious that this approach is very beneficial for customers – a whole cluster of “headaches” is removed. It is also beneficial for the supplier of such courier services:

  • firstly, couriers do not require special retraining, but at the same time they will not mind earning extra money;
  • secondly, the new functionality does not require any initial investment;
  • thirdly, customers can be put on a comprehensive service, receiving a subscription fee from them.

Additional income (and quite good) is visible to the naked eye. But there are also potential difficulties, namely: now you are personally responsible for the decency of your couriers! So almost immediately it is worth starting to create a security service.

2. Cleaning service

Cleaning service in the office

Practice shows that cleaning is becoming the most demanded service in cities. We are talking about cleaning offices and private apartments. True, in the conditions of the negative Russian economic situation, the emphasis of the producers of such services is on the cleaning of workplaces.

And here, again, an integrated approach is in demand: few clients want to separately invite a cleaning lady to wash floors, separately to clean glasses, and separately take out upholstered furniture and carpets for dry cleaning. But if all the listed services are provided in a complex, then this area of ​​activity will definitely always have a wide market.

In general, in the context of a reduction in effective demand, a service that has a high price elasticity of demand should be extremely complex – only then there is a high probability of maintaining revenue at the required level.

As a start-up cost, you will need to purchase at least one washing vacuum cleaner (about 50 thousand rubles), as well as a steam generator (within 30 thousand rubles). Still within 15 thousand rubles, all other devices will cost. Comprehensive cleaning costs from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. Up to 3 orders can be processed per day. The financial effect is visible to the naked eye.

3. Online store

Opening an online store

Modern Internet technologies have made life as easy as possible for entrepreneurs in the field of commerce. Now it has become unnecessary to rent retail space, make stocks and take care of the “passability” of your outlet. That is, to do this, of course, it is necessary, but:

  • firstly, not in real life, but in the online space;
  • and secondly, the tools for this are significantly more efficient than offline.

As a result, to achieve a significant revenue threshold, it is enough just to correctly select 3-4 items of goods, in which you need to specialize your business in the future, that is, sales.

The convenience and advantages of doing this type of business activity are obvious and indisputable:

  • a frankly low level of initial costs;
  • high efficiency of tools that increase revenue (SEO, contextual advertising, etc.);
  • and in the end, neither sales promotion, nor agreements with suppliers, nor shipments to customers require any physical actions from the owners of such a store: everything is done with the help of specialized service departments by placing orders with them via the Internet, that is, from your workplace at the table in front of the computer.

In order to open your own online store, you need to spend at least $ 5 thousand. And even if you provide revenue at the level of at least 100 thousand rubles per month, the real payback of the project will come no earlier than in a year. The advantage of this area of ​​business activity is the amazing prospects for its development, if you diversify and systematically expand your range.

4. Production of fiberglass reinforcement

Production of fiberglass reinforcement

Reinforced concrete is the “bread” of all capital construction. All massive architectural structures are now built exclusively from concrete and metal reinforcement. But this symbiosis has a very big vulnerability: carbon steels are absolutely not resistant to corrosion. The concrete mass is not able to provide absolute isolation of the iron parts of the reinforcement from contact with air containing water vapor and oxygen. As a result, oxidizing, the metal increases in volume up to 3 times, of course, destroying the concrete in which it is located.

The estimated service life of buildings and structures erected in the 20th century begins to expire already in the twenties of the current century. And this means that humanity expects a large-scale renovation in the field of real estate. The volume of the market for works, services and materials related to the demolition of old buildings and the construction of new ones is estimated at at least $3 trillion. But more importantly, all countries without exception will be involved in this process (after all, reinforced concrete was used everywhere), that is, including Russia.

And here innovative materials will come to the fore (laying another equally expensive “steel mine” will be unprofitable for anyone). Composite fiberglass is an excellent substitute for iron as a material for the production of fittings. Fiberglass reinforcement of absolutely any diameter can be found on the market at competitive prices today. And over time:

  • firstly, the technology of its production will become cheaper;
  • and secondly, production volumes will increase.

Both will invariably have an impact on the price level, simply displacing steel (by market methods) from the construction industry. Modern equipment for the production of fiberglass reinforcement costs starting from $ 8.5 thousand. At the same time, payback at existing price levels is achieved in 7 months.

5. Promotion of accounts

Account promotion

If we consider the following selection of ideas for small businesses with minimal investment for 2020 from the standpoint of perspective, then account management should no doubt be put in the first place. Popularity is a highly sought-after commodity throughout the global community. And social networks have become that indispensable infrastructure that fully embodies the aspirations of modern users both to achieve maximum popularity and for its subsequent monetization.

As a result, professional “promoters” appeared on the market – people (most often freelancers) who, on a professional basis, carry out real promotion of user accounts, attracting the attention of new subscribers to them. For this, there are also specially designed, legal robot programs that are approved by the creators of social networks. They contribute to the formation of new subscribers on the promoted account, and most importantly, all these subscribers are real users of the social network (not fake ones)


The high popularity of the account is very effectively and simply monetized by attracting advertisers (who will find you themselves). It is important to simply stay on the crest of popularity.

In this case, the professional promotion of accounts is the very business that is very effective in terms of earnings in 2020. What is needed to get started?

  • A computer with Internet access – from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.
  • Several software robots for promotion in different social networks – from 3 to 6 thousand rubles for each program (this is the official price tag).
  • Organization of network advertising of their services – from 20 to 50 thousand rubles.
  • Free time to set everything up, as well as to regularly improve your own skills in this area (through participation in webinars) – for free.

What is the profit? With a professional approach and the most efficient use of your working time, in six months you can reach the amount of revenue up to 100 thousand rubles per month.

6. 3D printing

3D printing

It is difficult to get around this topic in the 1920s. 3D printers are able to put into practice an extremely promising (due to the properties of the parts obtained) additive technology, so such devices are in demand in all areas: from confectionery to building houses.

Modern 3D printers that work with plastic cost from $2.5 thousand. Printers that form finished parts from metal powder cost more – from $5 thousand. Printers for the formation of confectionery products – from $3 thousand. But no matter what area you choose , we can say with confidence that such devices will not remain without work.

It is difficult to list the entire range of plastic or metal parts that these devices are capable of producing with minimal human participation. However, keep in mind that to ensure genuine quality, you will need:

  • Software for which you will need a productive computer, costing from 60 thousand rubles.
  • Grinder for input raw materials, if the fraction of the same plastic crumb does not meet the required parameters (minimum, from 30 thousand rubles).
  • Detectors for quality control of the finished product (from 100 thousand rubles).

As for payback, based on practical experience, when fully loaded, a new 3D printer working with plastic products pays for itself after 3 months of continuous operation.

Future high technologies in the field of machine and tool parts production are inextricably linked with 3D printing. It makes sense to occupy this niche today.

7. Production of decoration and design items

Production of decoration and design items

The Internet provides ample opportunity to successfully turn your hobby into a regular income-generating business. And you determine the amount of these incomes solely on your own, optimizing the production technology and using certain tools for advertising promotion of your business.

The sphere of interior design is becoming more and more popular and attracts both the attention of snobs and the commercial interest of manufacturers. At the same time, we are not talking about a banal in-line production at all – individually created interior decorations are becoming increasingly important. They have a unique style, unique design, and in general, many consumers rightly believe that this is just cool. What is meant by such things?

  • Paperweights and simply ornamental objects whose main function is design . A feature of such objects is that they have regular geometric shapes, and they are made of cement mortar. For their production, it is required to purchase a set of rubber molds, as well as a cement-sand mixture. The main costs will be for advertising and promotion of the account on the Internet through which you will sell these items.
  • Manufacture and sale of chandeliers and lamps made from unusual materials . Cans, wicker baskets, glass teapots, an inaccurately twisted coil of aluminum wire, etc. can act as lampshades. Success depends solely on your imagination. By the way, such items are called “designer”, which automatically inflate their cost (one such lampshade can have a price of up to 15 thousand rubles at a cost of 1.5 thousand rubles). The main thing here is not the cost of materials or manual labor, but the value of the idea itself.
  • Art decor objects for wall decoration . Such items can be both local and large-scale, occupying half a wall. They can be made from gypsum, or from cement mortar with the addition of pigment dyes. These are not bas-reliefs, but rather, frozen metamorphoses in the correct geometric edging. But the cost of such products (especially if they are covered with a special varnish) can reach up to 100 thousand rubles. – everything, again, depends on the promotion.

A negative characteristic of this area is relatively low demand (albeit steadily increasing). But the benefits here clearly outweigh:

  • extremely high, but at the same time, also justified by the market, profitability of each product;
  • simplicity of the production cycle, which does not require significant capital investments;
  • the compactness of each product.

As a result, with investments at a level of no more than $1,000 (most of which will go to the promotion of a selling Internet resource), in the first month you can reach 100% profitability and payback of the entire project – it is enough to sell 4-5 designer chandeliers.

8. Resale of goods on Avito

Resale of goods on Avito

One of the easiest topics to start a business is commerce. And the best infrastructure here is represented by electronic trading platforms, and in particular, the domestic Avito platform. It is enough to carefully monitor the goods entering the site, and in addition, keep the trends of public demand under control.

And for this, and for the other, special robot programs have been developed, which will generate all the relevant statistics for you. You only have to evaluate the realism (that is, security) of the transaction based on the history of the counterparty and the adequacy of other aspects of his behavior.

The cost of robots is no more than 10 thousand rubles in the complex. But it will also require initial investments for the purchase of goods. It is recommended to start with 50 thousand rubles. Resale margins can be insane (up to 1000%), however, evidence suggests that the most common (average) margin is 25-40%. But it is still higher than in most sectors of the country’s economy.

9. Home delivery of diapers and baby products

Home delivery of diapers and baby products

The state actively stimulates the birth rate in the country. And it is worth noting that in many respects the authorities succeed in this: maternity capital, preferential mortgage programs – all this creates the prerequisites for young people to form large families. And even if you take a look at the streets of cities, you can see quite a lot of people with wheelchairs. As a result, the market for children’s goods is also very wide: from diapers to toys.

Any parent can confirm that the first months of a baby’s life are a living hell for the adults who care for him. Constant crying, there is not enough time for anything, and then all the required “consumables” end up at the wrong time and out of place. In this regard, it seems very promising to set up a business for the supply of all kinds of goods for children (except for medicines) at home. Such a service promises to be much more popular than ordering the same pizza.

You can start by buying the same diapers in pharmacies and delivering to the customer on your own. A check is presented on the spot, and the buyer pays a commission separately. But further:

  • Children’s goods (diapers, diapers and even strollers) can be purchased in small and medium wholesale directly from manufacturers, and offered to customers at retail, even at prices lower than in stores. (After all, you don’t have “store” costs).
  • Deliveries can be made with the involvement of hired couriers, and payment can be accepted purely by card (this way it will be possible to solve problems with trust).
  • Over time, in general, it is possible to put customers on customer service based on the payment of a monthly fee by them. And this is a completely different level of revenue.
  • For the first purchase, you will have enough amount within 10 thousand rubles. But it should be remembered that everything here depends on the intensity of sales, that is, you must invest the main funds in the Internet promotion of your service. And it is more expensive – within 50 thousand rubles.

10. Buying a franchise

Buying a Franchise

Sometimes it is right not to invent something of your own and original and not to bear all the risks associated with the promotion of this idea, but to integrate into the business infrastructure that has already been built before you and for you. It’s about franchising. Franchise sellers not only give you the right to stand under their “banners”, but also provide you with the opportunity to use contacts with trusted suppliers. They give the business idea the right format and determine in advance the conditions under which the business is most likely to go.

There are many resources on the Internet that implement a wide variety of entrepreneurial ideas. Both the scale of the business and the investments required for investment are different. There are those that require investments at the level of 1 million rubles, and there are those for the implementation of which several tens of thousands (roubles) will be enough. In other words, there are plenty to choose from.

However, in order not to “stick” to a seemingly worthy idea (in fact, it turned out to be a trap due to the fact that the franchisor provided an incomplete amount of detailed information), you should search for a long time and carefully, and read reviews of those who have already worked:

  • as with this franchisor;
  • and just trying to realize his idea.

Statistics show that the average cost of a purchased franchise in 2019 was 176 thousand rubles (at the same time, the median cost is 129 thousand rubles). At the same time, those projects that have gained a profit show a profitability of 28% per annum. Well, that’s pretty good.


After reading this rating under the heading “Business ideas of 2020 with minimal investment”, they may object that not all cases presented here really require minimal investment. And of course, such skeptics will be right: everything that is connected with the need to purchase equipment is very expensive (machines in general are an overhead business).

However, such investments cannot be called prohibitive. In addition, even taking into account the relative development of the modern lending market, it seems possible to obtain loan financing for such a project. The purpose of this rating is to create a field of commercially sound business ideas that would affect as many different areas of activity as possible. The choice is yours.