The 5 types of dogs least likely to be adopted in shelters

Unfortunately, some dogs are less popular with adopters than others. Yet these poor dogs have just as much love to give. But most of them are victims of their past, their reputation or even their race. If you’ve ever had the idea of ​​adopting a dog and you really want to do a good deed, this article is for you.

1. Black dogs

Yes, it may sound strange, but black dogs are adopted less often than others. The reason ? People have more often fear black dogs than dogs of any other color. Indeed, in the collective imagination black dogs are more aggressive. However, you can imagine that this is absolutely wrong.

sad black dog
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2. Older Dogs

As you might expect, senior dogs are among the least adopted. Conversely, puppies are the quickest to start. Still, some older dogs can be great companions. And it’s not for nothing that they are already there learned, socialized and have a huge need love. So yes, they won’t live with you as long as young dogs and can involve a lot of vet costs, but they will also give you a lot more.

older dog
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3. Categorized Dogs

Category 1 and 2 dogs are considered “dangerous dogs” by law. Victims of their often mistaken reputation of attacking dogs, they tend to “scare” adopters. Affected dogs are the Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiffs, Tosa and Rottweilers. Moreover, their adoption comes with certain limitations: the future teacher must have a formation, ask for a detention permit and above all always walk your dog end of a loop. Something to discourage more than one, unfortunately…

staff dog
Credits: Myriams-Photos/Pixabay

4. Sick Dogs

Of course sick dogs are avoided by adopters. And for good reason, the budget Being necessary to treat a dog suffering from a serious or incurable disease, such as cancer, is scary. But sometimes it’s worth it!

sad dog
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5. Working Dogs

Working dogs, especially hunting dogs, are often overlooked because they have a reputation for… difficult to raise, especially since they generally obey only one master. Likewise, in order for life with a German Shepherd or a Belgian Shepherd Malinois to go well, it is necessary to have a​​ iron fist to channel them. Attention, all without violence of course!

German shepherd
Credit: Bigandt_Photography/iStock

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