The most beautiful dog in the world elected in 2020 is a poodle

You probably already know who the most beautiful dog in the world is… Because of course it’s yours! Despite everything, there is a competition every year. This is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where the most beautiful dog of the year is officially chosen.

How is the most beautiful dog in the world chosen?

the Westminster Kennel Club is one of the oldest dog sports clubs in the United States. It was founded in 1877. Every year, in the month of June, he hosts one of the exhibitions devoted to the most important purebred dogs in the world at Madison Square Garden in New York. It brings together more than 3000 dogs from all over the world for an entire competition weekend. Dogs compete for first place in agility, beauty and obedience events. It’s the beauty pageant Best of the show who every year chooses the most beautiful dog in the world from many candidates.

Siba, voted the most beautiful dog in the world in 2020

This year at Madison Square Garden, it was Siba, a young Pennsylvania black Poodle who won the competition. From the peak of her three years, she beat nearly 204 other races from 19 different countries. It’s fantastic Rblack and ebony obese, his impeccable grooming and elegant gait made all the difference for the jury who could only recognize the impeccable performance of the young female dog. Siba can be proud of his achievement since not a single poodle has won the award since 2002! Among the gifts won, the doggy will be entitled to a dinner designed especially for her at Sardi’s, a renowned New York restaurant (for humans).

And your dog in all of this?

Regardless of the matches the most beautiful of all dogs in your eyes, he is your dog! In general, the dogs that enter do not wear accessories, because the judges have to see their beauty in the simplest possible way. But if you want to enhance your dog’s look to make him even more stylish, there are more and more small brands of handmade accessories. For example the Oria & Guizmo shop offering bandanas and bows. Perfect gift for the Christmas holidays, or for any other occasion!

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