Top 15 Gray Dog Breeds

Whether their coats are slate gray, pearl gray, mouse gray or bluish gray, these dogs all have a unique and elegant color in common. Sure, many dog ​​breeds can have gray as the dominant color, but the ones we’ve selected for you are the most popular. If you like gray, these dogs are for you!

1. The Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is the gray dog ​​par excellence. And for good reason, gray is the only accepted color for this dog breed. A hunting dog, he is endowed with incredible energy, but also manages to show gentleness and discretion. The little extra: It’s kids’ best friend!

Credit: Bigandt_Photography/iStock

2. The Great Dane

considered the biggest dog in the worldThe Great Dane, also known as the Great Dane, can weigh up to 70 kilograms. Gray (called blue here) is not the most common color in this magnanimous dog, but it does exist.

Danish dog
Credit: Mickael BOYER / Wikimedia Commons

3. The Reed Parade

The Cane Corso is above all a guard dog, but he is also an excellent family dog. Very dynamic, he needs a lot of space to move around on a daily basis. It can have a gray color, with more or less shades, which does not diminish its charm.

chien cane parade
Credit: Steve C/Flickr

4. The Whippet

of a discreet and quiet natureThe Whippet, also known as the Miniature Greyhound, is a perfect family dog. Provided, however, that he can regularly indulge his passion: racing. As for his coat, all colors are allowed.

greyhound whippet dog
Credit: iStock

5. The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky, like the Malamute, is a dog that typically has white and gray fur. Its primitive appearance and its playful temperament make this dog a highly valued companion by enthusiasts of our canine friends.

husky dog ​​snow cold winter
Credit: Max Pixel

6. The Wolf Striker

The Wolf Spitz, or Keeshond, is silver-gray in color with a black mask on the face. All attached to his masterThis dog, on the other hand, is suspicious of strangers. But he tolerates loneliness very well.

wolf spitz dog
Credit: Gabi51/iStock

7. The Irish Wolfhound

Dog polyvalent, the Irish Wolfhound can also be used as a hunting dog, guard dog or even as a companion dog. Gentle and patient, he gets along perfectly with children.

irish wolfhound dog
Credit: Ashva/iStock

8. Le Bearded Collie

With its long coat, the Bearded Collie is easy to spot. Easy to liveHe is a perfectly balanced dog who knows how to be sensitive and affectionate.

Bearded Collie Dogs
Credit: Zuzule/iStock

9. L’American Staffordshire Terrier

Despite its somewhat negative reputation, the American Staffordshire Terrier is anything but aggressive when raised in good hands. Of great beauty, this dog is also of unfailing loyalty.

chien american staffordshire terrier
Credit: Conny48592/Wikimedia Commons

10. The Poodles

The color of the Poodle should be unified. This energetic dog is endowed with a great intelligence. Entirely devoted to his master, he also always stands out in a good mood.

poodle dog
Credit: Michele Jackson/iStock

11. The Pumi

This medium-sized dog seduces with his inimitable boils as well as by his cheerful and affectionate temperament. On the other hand, he is an inveterate barker…

pumi dog
Credit: Rita Fodorne Mate/iStock

12. The Little Italian Greyhound

The Little Italian Greyhound is a small dog, sporty and reserved. Like other sighthound species, they need to run as often as possible.

dog small italian greyhound
Credit: christina/Flickr

13. The Bobtail

Even if the Bobtail’s physique is reminiscent of a bear, it doesn’t have the character at all. Indeed, this dog is social, playful and above all benevolent, especially with children. But he can also be used as a watchdog, his body size and his peculiar bark can impress more than one.

bobtail dog
Credit: Julia_Siomuha/iStock

14. The Shepherd of the Pyrenees

It exists two variants in the Pyrenean Shepherd: long-haired or short-haired. Very lively, this dog needs to be channeled. Long used as a working dog, he has a reputation for being brave, reliable and agile.

Pyrenean Sheepdog
Credits: KeJa ~ commonswiki / Wikimedia Commons

15. Le Blue Lacy

Little known in France, the Blue Lacy is a medium sized dog originally from texas, in America. Highly obedient, this dog is as gifted as a hunting dog as it is a herding dog.

chien blue lacy
Credit: TrueBlueLacys/Wikimedia Commons

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