What are the most dog-friendly cities?

Sometimes it is complicated to go on vacation, move around and even live with a dog. Some cities or even countries have difficulty adapting to the needs of our pets. However, do you dream of going far with your dog and at the same time experience a pleasant experience for both of you? Here are the most dog-friendly cities in France and around the world.

Specific criteria

It is difficult to determine which cities are the most dog-friendly, and criteria can vary. These are several and different. The following criteria were used in the studies. Firstly, the number of dogs per capita, the number of veterinarians in the city, the number of hotels and restaurants that receive dogs. Then the number of dog rejections per year and the overall sensitivity of residents to dogs. For example, if they are worried that an animal is missing and the owners are trying to find it. All these criteria give each city a scoreand so to be able to compare them with each other.

Authors: Seaq68 / Pixabay

The most dog-friendly cities in France

France does not make much success internationally in terms of hospitality towards dogs. The main reason is often the unfortunate handling of the feces of our domestic animals left on the street. However, we still established a ranking of the most dog-friendly cities. The however, the criteria are slightly different of those that were accepted on the world list. Here we take into account the accessibility, cleanliness, mediation, awareness and commitment of each city.

In 2021 it will be Great who won first place an average of 17.1. The city is increasingly committed to animal welfare and has introduced new laws that allow dogs and their owners to have a better everyday life. In second place, displaced from the throne in first place, which had been occupied for 2 years, we find Montpellier. The city scored 16.8. Ultimately, at the bottom of the podium is Toulouse with an average of 16.5. We can then mention other cities such as Bordeaux, Grenoble, Toulon, Perpignan or Lille.

The friendliest cities in the world

It is a company in 2020, World Dog Day Coya published the list after researching 50 major cities around the world. Based on the criteria presented earlier, he was able to do so give a score to each city and thus create a hierarchy between them. The first with a full score of 100 is a city in San Francisco Stateside. This is distinguished by the large number of parks and restaurants with access for dogs. Second place – still in the United States – returns to Seattle with honor 99.08. In fact, there are many dog ​​shops in this city as well as many hotels that accept dogs.

Finally, third is Tel Aviv in Israel. The special feature of this city is the highest relationship between humans and dogs an average of one dog per 17 inhabitants. Its pets are almost a priority and enjoy a number of unique benefits such as parks, beaches and even specialized cinemas. Israel seems to be a country that takes care of its animals, such as Istanbul and its lost. Other dog-friendly cities include Prague, Hamburg, Warsaw, Barcelona, ​​Chicago, Toronto and Lisbon.