What business to open in 2022 in Moscow for a novice entrepreneur

In Russian conditions, the city of Moscow looks like a very strange economic anomaly. This is expressed in unprecedented liquidity, which is demonstrated everywhere. For example, if you go to Moscow by car, then as you approach the city limits, the number of shopping centers and new buildings increases. Mini hotels, recreational complexes and even hookah bars go directly to the highway line.

Indeed, the high solvency and consumer activity of the indigenous population and guests of the capital makes it possible to implement projects on its territory that are very risky not only in other places in the country, but even in prosperous Europe.

Let’s try to compile our own selection of interesting business ideas for implementation in the territory of the Russian capital. So, TOP good business ideas for beginners in Moscow – 2020.

1. Hookah bar

The capital is distinguished not only by its high level, but also by the pace of life. Prices in the city (for everything) are really higher than anywhere else in the country (sometimes at times), and this requires people to devote more time to earning. Hence the stress and sometimes, the inability to be distracted. In this regard, a hookah bar is a very relevant business in 2020 in Moscow. Currently, such a market sector as specialized hookahs is completely dismantled by franchised enterprises.

Hookah is, first of all, the atmosphere, and it is best to enjoy a pleasant smoke in a place where everyone smokes. The presence of drinks here is secondary, and the food is completely superfluous (it does not combine with smoke). This is all the more convenient because modern law prohibits smoking in catering places! A clear disadvantage is the ban on serving alcoholic beverages in such establishments. However, they can be poured into hookah flasks to enrich them with smoke.

Franchisers say that in order to organize a new hookah from scratch, from 300 thousand to 1.2 million rubles of investments are required, most of which will go to pay 3 amounts of rent and repair of the premises in accordance with the required style of the franchisor. In addition, you will have to pay an entrance fee (up to 500 thousand rubles) and royalties (up to 15% of revenue). But it is in Moscow that these conditions are acceptable, since there is a steady, growing demand for smoking hookahs in a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Courier business

This topic can be called “an idea in the air” or “small business of honest people.” Existing food delivery services do not fully meet the needs of potential users. Except for food, people still do not want to:

  • go to the store or to the market for groceries (and especially for cigarettes);
  • to an ATM for cash;
  • in all kinds of studios;
  • and to those places where their personal presence is required, but in fact, it is possible for someone to replace them (up to holding a place in an important queue).

It would be great if the usual courier networks expanded their functionality, and the couriers performed all of the above actions. But after all, many of them are already doing this: in addition to delivering the same fast food, you can ask the courier to run into the store, for example, for a pack of cigarettes or chips (for a separate fee, of course, which will go to him personally). For some reason, these services simply do not fall into the general “price list”. It is hereby proposed to organize a universal courier service, the employees of which will perform all possible orders in general (including the “hot stone” – orders related to cash).

It should be noted that this topic is a business with minimal investment, since there will be no other significant costs, except for salaries, initially. (Literally 50 thousand rubles will be enough). It is recommended to start by choosing the delivery of lunches to offices as a profile topic. Thus, it is possible to increase the marginality of the business on the layout of the menu, as well as earn the trust of corporate clients in order to subsequently qualify for other, more “monetary” orders from them.

3. Car wash

Opening a car wash - a business idea for beginners in Moscow 2020

If you are wondering what business to do in 2020 in Moscow, take a look around. Moscow is the most motorized city in Russia, with the highest density of cars per square meter. It would be quite logical to start small and understandable, for example, with the organization of a car wash.

The last word of “economy” and technology in the selection of the right premises is the creation of an inflatable hangar. For its “construction” it will be necessary to pour a concrete slab (100 m² will cost up to 80 thousand rubles together with the design), as well as the purchase of the inflatable hangar itself (from 200 to 300 thousand rubles with installation). You can also save on centralized water supply and waste disposal. On the market, you can purchase a set of equipment for car washes with closed circulation. For the operation of the system, only electrical power is required – up to 8 kW and nothing more. The cost of such a closed water supply system is approximately 300 thousand rubles. So the costs are:

  • The “building” of the car wash – the hangar – 380-400 thousand rubles.
  • Closed loop water treatment – 300 thousand rubles.
  • A complex of high-performance washing equipment – in the range of 250-300 thousand rubles.
  • The cost of advertising on a nearby highway is within 200 thousand rubles.

Total one-time costs – within 1.2 million rubles . And the greatest attention should be paid to the choice of the location of your car wash, so that:

  • his rent (from the city or from a private landowner) was not prohibitive;
  • at this site there was a supply of the required electric power;
  • so that the place is sufficiently “passable”.

4. Instagram management

What other business to open in 2020 in Moscow, if not related to this global “vanity fair”, which is usually called Instagram? What is Instagram management? This is the promotion of the customer’s account, its popularization, expressed in an increase in the number of subscribers to it. There are very clear figures – the so-called “flow” coefficients: from about 0.5% to 1% of all account subscribers become buyers of those goods and services that are advertised on their account by its owner. The activity of the Instagram manager develops in two directions:

  • A selection of the agenda, on which the owner of the account will most effectively “PR” by posting streams there, expressing opinions, filming vines, etc.
  • Technical promotion.

Every self-respecting social network has its own legal programs, which are also called “attractors” in another way (from the English “to attract” – to attract attention). These robots go through the list of accounts you set and carry out harmless and completely legal actions with them: they put likes, subscribe, leave a given template comment.

People are generally sociable, and in the vast majority of cases, a user whose account someone else subscribes to will subscribe in response – everything is real and no fake subscriptions.

There are few initial investments at the start of this business, and if you do not set too ambitious goals regarding the speed of development, then the equivalent of $ 1,000 for a start will be enough “for the eyes”.

5. Virtual control room for rental housing

In the real estate rental market, new standards are beginning to take shape, which, without any doubt, raise the bar for the quality of life in society as a whole (especially in Moscow). Simple mediation no longer brings solid profits. This is how the functionality of a modern realtor should be arranged:

  • Inspect the object and indicate an exhaustive list of required adjustments.
  • Recommend responsible executors of work.
  • Find funding for repairs. It is, as a rule, about bank lending, which the owner of the apartment must take over in order to bring his object in line with the required standards.
  • Accept an apartment in a renovated form, put it in stock and start promoting the object with the help of advertising.

It seems reasonable to evaluate material investments:

  • Organization of a website – at least 180 thousand rubles.
  • Promotion of the resource in the top search results of Google and Yandex – at least 300 thousand rubles for the first 3 months.
  • Payroll fund (for the first 3 months) – at least 450 thousand rubles for 3 employees.

Total – 900-950 thousand rubles . The main advantage of such a project, which guarantees its quick payback, is the high liquidity (solventness) of the housing rental market in Moscow. With a guarantee, you will not end up with tenants (especially with such a high-quality approach).

6. Makeup at home

Makeup at home - a business idea for beginners in Moscow 2020

In Moscow, every woman knows how to apply makeup. But not every beautiful person is able to do this competently and skillfully. Not to mention time. Therefore, professional makeup application can be a great niche for micro-businesses.

It should be noted that this business area is intended exclusively for women.

What does it take to fill this niche?

  • You will need to complete courses of professional makeup artists and manicure specialists (cost – 8-10 thousand rubles).
  • It is necessary to acquire equipment for the sterilization of professional instruments (the total cost is up to 50 thousand rubles).
  • A set of cosmetics (the price of a set is up to 20 thousand rubles).

In addition, as usual, you will need advertising on the Internet, with which you will attract customers. And this is another 20 to 40 thousand rubles for the creation of a landing page and the same amount for its promotion to the top search engine results. (Even at first, focusing on relatives and acquaintances as customers is not worth it). In total, the starting capital can be estimated at 140-160 thousand rubles, but the undoubted advantage here is that these expenses are by no means one-time, but spread over time.

The cost of professional make-up services at home in Moscow is up to 1,000 rubles. If we are talking about manicure, then up to 5 thousand rubles. The approximate payback period of the project can be estimated independently.

7. Showroom

From English. “show room” In the modern world, this means a store that sells unusual, stylish clothes. Now a particularly popular niche is vintage clothing. You can arrange a showroom not only in shopping centers or special retail areas. If you do not trade in food products, and the apartment is located on the ground floor, then it can be transferred to a non-residential fund and a showroom can be arranged in it.

Goods for such a store can be purchased on global trading platforms (for example, on AliExpress). But later it will be more profitable to negotiate with suppliers directly. The average trade markup, for example, for the vintage clothing sector in Moscow is 200%, but it would be wiser to focus on a modest 100% markup. Provided that the lease of space will not exceed 1 million rubles, the initial purchase for the first month should be at the level of 1.5 million rubles. In addition, it is necessary to provide funds for advertising – at least 130 thousand rubles for the creation of an attractive site and its promotion.

The disadvantage of the project is the need for high initial costs, but the plus is steady demand.

8. Dispatch room

In Moscow, freight transportation is in great demand. Industrial cargo, building materials, food are transported, residents and organizations move (with furniture). And everywhere you need multi-format trucks. It is hereby proposed to establish a dispatch office for the provision of freight services.

This will require … Create a detailed, attractive Internet resource and start promoting it to the top search engine results (130-150 thousand rubles). Then you need to independently contact private drivers with a proposal for cooperation. The demand for cargo transportation in Moscow is, of course, high, but not as massive as for taxi services, so you don’t need to create an application (like Uber) – it will be enough to limit yourself to a local support service, consisting at the first stage of 2-3 people working remotely (wage fund for the first 3 months – 360 thousand rubles). Total costs: within 520 thousand rubles.

It is worth focusing on the maximum average markup of 20%, and the average order value is 7-10 thousand rubles. Under the condition of 4–5 orders per day (which is more than realistic), the payback of the project will come within six months of work.

9. Photographing

Photography - a business idea for beginners in Moscow 2020

Modern smartphones are equipped with cameras, the resolution of which reaches 48 megapixels. At the same time, there are 3 cameras at once, so it is already difficult to imagine such an angle or shooting format that any user could not do. In this regard, the services of professional photographers (even at weddings) are becoming less and less in demand.

However, there is a niche where professional photography is only gaining market value. These are services for shooting goods for sale on Internet sites. The requirements of the latter to the quality of the laid out images are increasing more and more. As a result, in order to trade on AVITO, you need to have your own mini-studio … Or order these services from professional photographers.

Attachments are as follows:

  • Rent of premises (3 amounts) – up to 200 thousand rubles.
  • Professional camera – up to 70 thousand rubles.
  • Creation and promotion of a landing page – within 60 thousand rubles.

Total 320-350 thousand rubles . The disadvantage of business is the high price elasticity of demand, but as a plus, a large amount of possible work can be distinguished.

10. Plumbing work

Small business based on the provision of plumbing services at home has significant prospects in Moscow (with its ability to pay). The fact is that manual work in Russia is clearly underestimated, but residents of high-rise apartments facing banal blockages in their plumbing are ready to pay the full market value of such work.

The above works (or otherwise – “Husband for an hour”) require the performer to have not only engineering ingenuity, but also technical qualifications, so we can say that this business is not for everyone.

Initial costs:

  • Creation and promotion of a website on the Internet – up to 60 thousand rubles.
  • Acquisition of a set of professional tools – within 100 thousand rubles.

Total 160 thousand rubles. And of the pluses, it should be noted the presence of an extremely capacious and solvent market. With proper promotion of your business on the Internet, you will not be left without work.


In fact, there are a lot of business ideas for starting a business in Moscow in 2020. Only 10 of them are presented in this article reasonably and in figures. But it is in Moscow with a high degree of probability that any exotic and more or less reasonable entrepreneurial topic will go. And the reason for this is the huge effective consumer demand.