Which dogs are the most expensive to breed?

Adopting an animal – whatever it is – is not a decision to be taken lightly, we know that all too well. And while it may seem obvious that we are willing to spend sometimes generously for their well-being, it turns out that some are more expensive than others, mainly because of a predisposition to certain diseases. So, what are the most expensive dogs for?

1. Le Basset Hound

What makes this dog so easily recognizable are also its weaknesses. The basset eyes should be checked often to avoid the risk of infection in these areas. This one veterinary follow-up – when it is not about treatments and medical interventions – indeed entails more substantial costs than with other dog breeds.

chien basset hound
Credit: Justin Beckley/Flickr

2. The Rottweiler

Often the victim of a bad reputation, however, Rottweilers are highly prized animals for their affectionate and gentle side. On the other hand, these dogs are easily prone to dysplasia or heart problems, and some of them are: prone to cancer. And its treatment is quite expensive.

rottweiler puppy
Credit: 94451/Pixabay

3. The Great Dane

This tall guy may seem robust, but it’s his physique that is at the root of the extra cost. Firstly because he eat more – logical. Then because of the fact that it hips and stomach require regular vet checks. And treatments that can sometimes be prescribed for life are not given.

Danish dog
Credit: Mickael BOYER / Wikimedia Commons

4. Bulldogs

Same treatment for bulldogs, be it French or English! In short, they are expensive to buy and also bring their share of the cost to the vet. Due to their physique, and in particular their muzzle, they are subject to: respiratory, eye and heart problems. They are also more likely to be afraid of heat.

dog harness
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5. The German Shepherd

It is arguably one of the most popular dogs, which does not prevent adopting a dog from being carefully considered. German Shepherds are indeed sensitive and easily allergic – which often require veterinary treatment. They are also known for their stomach problems and a certain predisposition to cancer.

German shepherd
Credit: esp2k/iStock

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