Which food do you choose for your dog?

Of the many questions that plague dog owners, that of their diet comes up relatively often. As with humans, a varied, high-quality diet, adapted to all sizes and special needs of dogs, is essential. Therefore, several questions arise… Industrial or homemade food? Pate or croquettes? How to choose between all these options? Let’s see that right away!

The choice of the manufacturer

Today, dog food professionals are doing everything they can to suggest recipes that are suitable for everyone different profiles of dogs. But the most important choice is always between the croquettes and mash… What to choose?

In itself, neither is contraindicated. The puree has a water content bigger, and the croquettes are suitable for budgets more limited. And if you can’t figure it out, you just have to see it what your pet prefers ! If not, you can give him a mixed diet based on croquettes of the day and one portion of pate per week.

on it’s own, the offer has been largely renewed and allows you pâtés and . to get croquettes without additives or preservatives, some of which are sometimes made ofingredients from organic production. In short, there is something for everyone!

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Why not try the homemade ones?

There is various benefits to prepare meals for your animal yourself. For example, if your dog cannot tolerate certain foods or a special diet. This makes it possible to manage quantities more easily and the ingredients of his meals.

Moreover, if you want ban industrial food, It’s the best solution. And in the long run, that often turns out to be the case more economical and more ecological. To make homemade croquettes, you need basic foods such as: rice flour, by fresh meat and vegetables.

If necessary, don’t hesitate to consult a veterinarian to guide you on foods to avoid or prefer to cook your dog’s meals yourself.

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What to avoid

Whatever your choice, the most important thing is not to forget a few essential elements. Like the fact that dogs come first carnivorous animals, who therefore need a stock of meat. In any case, it is also important to moderate grains in your diet !

You may have noticed that manufacturers have put it in croquettes : they are present in small amounts for give texture. Sometimes grains can cause digestive problems NB.

The same applies to vegetables and legumes : They are desirable in dog food, but only in small amounts. Dogs with a small intestine, a too much fiber intake cause diarrhea and vomiting.

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