Why do dogs have tears under their eyes?

You may have already noticed dark, sometimes brownish marks on your dog’s muzzle and more specifically under your eyes. It’s not uncommon for our dog friends to shed tears every now and then, but the permanence of these traces can really be embarrassing. Why are they there? And how to remove them carefully?

Why is my dog ​​crying?

Like humans, dogs can have tears in their eyes. And there is for many reasons who can explain it. It can simply be a extra tearsbut also some ailments like conjunctivitisa tear duct obstructionand glaucoma or a allergies.

Most of the time, if it doesn’t last too long and doesn’t seem to bother your pet, no no cause for concern. If this tearing causes irritation In the long run, however, you can discuss the matter with your veterinarian, who can advise you attenuate it according to the profile of your animal.

Where do these traces come from?

Some breeds are also more susceptible to this extra tear, such as poodle, bichonite or les shih tzu. And it is this excessive tearing that causes brown marks to be seen under their eyes. There is no concern around these tasks not just aestheticalthough I can stain blonde hair certain species of animals.

As for the color brown, it is actually the discoloration of the coat caused by it porphyrina pigment found in particular spit and tears dog – but also in many other living organisms. He contains iron and acquires this characteristic color in daylight.

the vet listens to the dog's eye
Credits: razyph / iStock

How to remove these stains?

They form a humidity point which can become embarrassing and which promotes occurrence of irritation and medical concerns at eye level. The darker the color, the more likely it is to mark infection. So always keep a attentive eye in these traces of tears.

In any case, it is the best remove carefully due to cleaning with a typical product cleaning clothpreferably as prescribed by a veterinarian. Most often a ophthalmological examination is necessary to prevent and identify eye problems.

But it is also possible to prevent the appearance of these spots, for example serving filtered water to your dog than water directly from the tap. Alternatively, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to their water to help control stomach acid and prevent infections. It is also recommended banning plastic bowls in favor of stainless steel or glass – plastic traps bacteria more easily.