why is it sometimes as hard to put up with as loved ones?

When your animal dies, is there anything worse than being “just” a cat, dog, or rabbit? However, the apparent clumsiness of this sentence says a lot about the perception that some may have of pets. Because those who have already experienced such an event know how difficult it is to deal with it, just like the death of a loved one.

Animals are family members like everyone else

No, our animals are not “fair” dogs, cats, etc. Anyone – not abusive of course – who has ever had an animal knows it is much more than that. They share us dailysometimes our holidays, our joys, our sorrows, our love, our moments of pain, and many more things in life.

This constant contact is, when you think about it, unique : with the exception of immediate family members, there is only few people with whom we share so much time! The the loss of all small habits which we have been allowed to include (feeding, playing, etc.) is therefore very difficult to understand.

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Loss of absolute love

They also give us things that people sometimes give less often:unconditional love and something unlimited discretion. In short, they represent a very important form Mental balance which secures us every day. According to one British researchit is for this reason that the loss of the animal is due one – or sometimes more – painful than human knowledge.

The absolute and constant emotions can indeed be harder to find from people. Which explains why many people also confess with a hint guilt that they had a worse experience of the death of their animal than their loved ones. Although for people alonedepressed, ill or even anxious animals create a real social bond.

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We will take their parents’ place

Tell someone who has just lost their spouse take another animal to comfort oneself is to forget that each being has its own personality which makes it unique. In addition, we train them, feed them, care about them and play with them – e.g. We are responsible for their own well-beingand they are witnesses to our lives as much as we do theirs.

What to create a very strong bond which is sometimes stronger than one that people can create with each other and that can be similar to it parent-child. This is due to the fact that some people stop mourning the death of an animal. In any case, we must not forget that this is a an intimate process which is unique to each person and that pain is regardless of its degree decent.